Mission Mountain Wood Band Photo by Kristie Constantine, The Montana Standard

Photo by Kristie Constantine, The Montana Standard 


By Renata Birkenbuel of the Montana Standart

Even though I was a University of Montana student, I don’t have first-hand knowledge of the original Aber Day keggers.

But I now have first-hand knowledge of the Aber Day Reunion concert 36 years later. Last Saturday, the Philipsburg Rotary Club rekindled the event in Winninghoff Park.

All I can say is: Wowza. What a party.

Of course, I know well the legendary history of Aber Day due to the Montana PBS series, well-worn tales of muddy students sliding down the original Miller Creek rodeo grounds with pitchers of beer in their hands – and the headliners, Mission Mountain Wood Band.

MMWB, in its current incarnation led by original members Rob Quist and the very happy Steve Riddle, attracted a huge chunk of its now-older fans, still crazy after all these years.

Ecstatic with the big turnout, the Rotary committee outdid itself last weekend. Three thousand buoyant fans crammed lawn chair-to-lawn chair on the terraced amphitheater that sits snuggly, perfectly below the town’s main street.

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