ULAC representatives present the check to library dean, Bonnie Allen.

MLAC representatives present the check to library dean, Bonnie Allen.

Tom Staples, Bob McCue and Bonnie Allen with check

Former Kegger presidents Tom Staples 1976 and Bob McCue 1979 present Bonnie Allen, Dean of the University of Montana Library, a check for $2,000 from the Kegger film proceeds.

MLAC is proud to announce they have gifted the University of Montana library $2000 from the proceeds of Kegger.

The check was presented in the Mansfield Library on December 3, 2009.

From KECI News:

Memories of the Northwest’s largest kegger paid off in a big way for the University of Montana library.  The producers of the documentary “Kegger” presented a $2,000 check to the Mansfield Library this morning.  The money came from the profits from the film about the Aber Day keggers in the 70’s.  Those keggers drew thousands of people and the profits always went to the library.  Director of Alumni Relations, Bill Johnston says, “it was more about the gathering than anything else and that’s what we’re celebrating is the spirit that put it together and the spirit that wanted to help the University library and Montanans and friends of Montanans coming together.”  The Aber Day keggers ran from 1972 to 1979.  In that time, the all-day kegger raised over $55,000 for the Mansfield Library.